Friday, October 15, 2010

A New Species: Gour-Pumps!

I would love to say this rare and interesting breed was totally planned.....and alas, that would be an untruth!

Apparently I mistook gourd seeds for for pumpkins? Or I had some throwback gourds from last year or some little garden fairies had a little laugh at my expense! No matter, we have fall decorations and that's what counts! We won't be eating these....just enjoying their unique appearance!

I adore pumpkins! Last year we had a wonderful crop. This year we have about 5 that look "normal" but very small. I don't know if this was a watering or soil issue. I planted giant pumpkins and pie pumpkins but I'm pretty sure something went wrong.

I usually have delightful corn shucks decorating my fence and deck (see 2009 archive!) This year the shucks went to hungry cattle who broke through the hot wire to taste test. There went corn for the freezer and decorative stalks (I refuse to pay $5 for a bundle at Menards.)
I'm also behind in the Halloween decor, not one thing is out or up. Some years it just goes that way. I did manage to get the kitchen put back together after making pickles today. Things were rolling along quite well until I was called outside to help load a renegade cow into the trailer. Here I sit. There are only a thousand other things that I need and want to be doing right now. Grrrrrr! Oh how lovely ranch life can be.....hurry up and WAIT!

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