Monday, October 11, 2010

This Is The Same Table!

This is how the table in the craft look is supposed to look----CLEAN AND CLEAR and ready for action!

I am happy to report that I finally met my goal of organizing and cleaning both top and bottom levels of our home. It is done, which is kind of a laugh because we all know that when it comes to home and cleaning, the work truly never ends. So, let me rephrase, Project Fall Shape-Up is now complete! Just in time to. I am in the midst of a very active month. Tomorrow, I'll be on NTV's Good Life at 9:25 am to talk about Feng Shui. I am thrilled to be sharing about Feng Shui and my passion for creating balance and harmony within our living and working spaces! My life is a testament to what following this philosophy can do; without it, I'm sure I'd be living in a messy pit of a home! Oh yes, my home is subject to that thing we call active chaos and sometimes the active chaos does become passive because some other task, obligation or responsibility has distracted my focus. The difference is that I now MAKE TIME to go back and bring each room into alignment, cleaning, clearing, releasing and rearranging as I go. I do a massive restructuring seasonally and each time I do, I find that I fall in love with my environment even more!

I still have tomatoes to can, squash and pumpkins to pick, and several outside clean-up jobs to be done before fall gets any further along. We have a house to decorate for Halloween, classes to teach, a First Communion, a 12th birthday to celebrate, carpet to rip out, new carpet to lay down, two bathrooms to tile, and  kitchen cabinet and shelves to build. Am I forgetting anything????????????

Chad leaves next weekend to go on an elk hunting trip. He's jazzed. Rodeos are his favorite but going somewhere with his brother, friend and GUNS run a very close second. The kids and I will hold down the fort just fine--we have several appointments and activities (its Homecoming week for the Tigers)!

It's going fast, October is. The days are a blurr. I have several opportunities that I need to sit down with and contemplate. I could be going back to school in January though I haven't make any final decisions yet. I am researching a library/media specialist endorsement. Just researching, not saying this is set in stone. I also have some wonderful invitations to teach, craft projects lining up for the holidays and............a goat shed that is ALMOST DONE! Which means that I have to go move my goats RIGHT NOW! (I am being called, loudly, from outside the house)

More soon!

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