Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Marley the Cow Dog

Well, he's not really a cow dog but he sure thinks he is. I get a kick out of this little guy. He's supposed to be a dainty lap dog by breed but he has the heart and drive of a collie. As soon as he hears the Ranger fire up, he's up on the seat and ready to go. If he were to chase through the brambles and stickers as the Otis and Bo do, it would take until Christmas to get him clean. He is a sticker magnet!

I love that he loves me. He has no clue or sense about cows but he wants to be anywhere I am. That is THE trait I want in my dog!

Marley is adopted. His previous owner was unable to care for him. When his information came up on the screen, I had that instant flash of "he's the ONE"!

We brought home last December. My first impression was the same as nearly everyone else's.....Chewbacca! He was also quite shaggy so Bob Marley came to mind (no offense Bob, I actually like your music). Max was also a name suggestion. I let the kids pick. It took him quite awhile to adjust. He was very timid and hid (then again, I would've too with three kids all wanting to pet me!) He had a few issues with p n p (piddle n poo) but a visit to the vet and a "snip, snip" cleared that right up.

I did take a chance on the little guy and I'm glad I did. He's an excellent companion. He is my third adopted pooch. I'm a huge proponent of rescue/adoption. What's really interesting is just the year before, I was actually looking at buying a Shih Tzu, but had to decline. I had a two week old Otis to raise. (See prior posts on his story!) So when I saw Marley's info, I jumped at the chance to adopt. There are so many wonderful dogs and cats available that are ready for loving homes. If you're looking for a pet, ask around, check your local shelter or contact a rescue volunteer. My dear friend, Ann, is an excellent resource. She helped us locate our first adoptee, Myah.

Well, I'm being summoned. We're in the bottom of the canyon, driving cattle to their new home. We seem to have misplaced a cow? Of coarse she knows where she is, but we do not!

After the trying day I've had, I don't mind chilling out down here. Its calm and peaceful. I am definitely back in my element, with my fam and....Marley! And he's already proven his worth....its starting to cool down and he's keeping my lap nice and toasty!

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