Monday, May 31, 2010

My Milking Team

I have SO MUCH to write about and so little time for sitting down. I have five projects that are all trying to fit on the same time frame.

I've been busy but nothing compares to what I've been trying to cover in the last three days. I guess the good thing is that I'm giving my children more responsibility; my control freak- self doesn't have time to assess if they are or are not doing it right. Correctness, at this point isn't as important as at least giving it a shot.

the noon milking was done by teamwork. One boy on each side and a girl in the front to feed, pet and talk to the goat. (Egypt may not forgive me on this one! The boys needed the practice and I needed to be in another area expanding my productivity.
I came in for a quick bite and a drink of strawberry iced tea. Its dangerous to text and drink. I better get back to my duties; there's rodeo practice at the cousins house tonight.

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