Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday: Just Keep Swimmin, Just Keep Swimmin

Well, Monday is here and boy is it already a doozie. With one phone call from my husband. I now have a list that will keep me hopping until Sunday or…….until declare a strike against housework and laundry.

I must say I am not missing monitoring homework and keeping children on a schedule. We’ll be getting back to one though, there’s plenty to do around here. The boys are up north helping their uncle work cattle. They have a big time riding their ponies on the ranch and being cowhands. It’s good for them to work with and take direction from people other than their parents, and they are at an age where they are actually good help. They love going to the Johnston Ranch. If Pecos could move in for the summer, he’d do it. Sparky on the other hand is still Mama’s boy (and I love it!) He’s told me he’s going to college in Curtis so he can stay close and help me (sniff, sniff)

Our agenda this week is a continuation from last week and the week before and the week before and the week before that. Did I say how much I love May? Oh, I do. It’s just always so full, every year. In addition to ball practice and a game at the end of the week and appointments sprinkled throughout the week, we still need to 1) finish the goat barn/chicken house 2) plant the rest of the garden and install the drip system. 3)mow the lawn (now long enough to process into mini-bales because our mower is broken) 4)fertilize the lawn 5)empty the ranger cart 6)mulch the new trees 7)get ponies in shape and practice for Junior Rodeo 8) finish downstairs bathroom 9)shampoo carpets 10) LAY IN THE HAMMOCK AND READ A BOOK!

Phew. I am tired already. Actually after three cups of coffee I don’t feel too bad this am. My “sleeping in” (just kidding there is no such thing around here) and my late nights (unfortunately that one is true) is about to come to an end. When we bring home Egypt, I’ll be getting up early to milk and as strange as it sounds, I am looking forward to that.

This week I am working on ki previews and reclaiming my house. With the recent rains and mud we’ve once again managed to turn the laundry room into the aftermath of a mud wrestler’s paradise. There is laundry strewn about and my darling packrat brought home a turtle shell she found yesterday.

So this morning she asked me, "What are we going to do today Mama?" I responsed, "We have a lot to do Blue Sparkle (she's changed her name again!) She looked right at me, flashed a huge, five-old-happy grin and started singing,  "Just keep swimmin, just keep swimming, just keep swimming"! I'm not wearing a bathing suit but I see my ability to doggie paddle is still pretty good!

Here's to keeping my head above the waves and wishing you smooth sailing!

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