Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Feathers the Duck is HUGE

We are catching up on our chores since we spent the day in town doing errands. Pryce has been unable to catch her "boys" since they've grown so big. She recruited big brother to help her. We don't know if her boys are really boys. I'm hoping for hens, especially since I found out that Cayuga ducks lay delicious BLACK eggs! How cool is that? It is a good thing they look cool because they make one heck of a mess around the water trough. I'd be learning to duck flambe soon if they weren't so fun to watch!

We are ready to get them ducks and chickens into a bigger space. It seems there are so many things to get done, we don't know where to start! I've not run in circles this long since I had a two-year old under foot!
My goal is to be posting how fabulous it is to lay around and read on a pleasant June day (am I dreaming?)

I'm also supposed to share with my readers that we have three baby kitties, found in the barn today. The kids think it is cool that people are reading about them. They now know why their mother pulls out the phone out of her apron pocket and appears to be "out to lunch" for a few minutes!

Thank you all for the gracious compliments on the blog! It is a thrill to know that others are enjoying my writing. This is really a dream come to be sharing in this way; each comment keeps my cre8tive juices flowing!

Pecos tells me we are "burnin daylight". There are herbs to plant! Where does this kid get his energy from?! I'm ready for bed!

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