Saturday, May 22, 2010

Relaxing in the Coop

We finally have a day at home to work on two projects we've been trying to get to for a month; chicken/goat barn and garden.

Despite the incredible wind, I planted peppers and red lettuce. It is a miserable day to be outside and the wind has picked up since I started this morning. I don't know where the idea of raised bed came from, but its a winner. You wouldn't think a coule of inches makes a difference but oh, oh, it does. I love the crisp, tidy look and even more than that, I will love less weeding. We'll have a drip system set up. This is the first of two beds, maybe more.

We have a variety of peppers, sweet, mild and hot. If they survive the elements I will be a happy gardener by July's end! They will be eaten fresh, roasted, grilled, made into salsa and jam. Strawberry jalepeno jam is "to die for". My Valentine family will attest to this. There could be fights over last summer's last jar! (I've been saving it!)

Unlike past years I am settling into a pace and planting in succession. Tomatoes are next followed by sweet corn, cukes, squash, pumpkins, beans, melons and cantalope.

We're going to have a large garden if all goes right with Mama Nature. There's always the possibility of hail and high winds (that we are having today).

Our goal is to eat fresh, eat local and eat in season. Starting in August, my semi clean kitchen will look like a bombshell of canning equipment and supplies.

The goat barn now has flooring and walls. Tinkerbell spontaneoulsy flopped down on the floor while Chad and I had a "meeting of the minds"! She makes herself very comfortable around here.

I am on my way out to the barn to deliver a late sandwhich. We need to get the barn done soon! Egypt will be here Monday!

More soon!

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