Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wisdom Wednesday: We are not islands!

Right now seems like a very busy time. The fire energies are going out and the very powerful eight earth energies are starting to fill in the open spaces. In the Nine Star Ki philosophy, eight earth is here for the month and for the year. What this means is that we have the potential for powerful, dynamic changes. These changes are ones that are offered to help raise our awarness on all levels, both individually and collectively. Personally we are offered opportunites to shift out of, release and heal old patterns. Transformation is here, both inner and outer support is available if we are ready to receive it. We cannot do it alone. We weren't meant to.

I sometimes have the false mindset that if something needs done, it is going to be up to me to get it taken care of. In the past I felt sorry for myself and made situations even more miserable by focusing on the appearance of isolation. I would think that "it was all up to me" and then I would start feeling resentful. Old patterns.

Now I realize that it seldom had anything to do with those on the outside. The answer was within, waiting for me to consciously open up and ALLOW others to support me. It was never about others seeing me in pain and swooping down to rescue me, though that is what I had in mind for years. Recognizing and honoring my feelings was the first step. The second was inviting and asking for assistance. This was the hardest because when we ask for help, we have to ackwledge that we aren't SUPERGIRL or SUPERBOY! The old mindset and ego usually take leave.

What the mind doesn't know is that there are usually lots of people ready to assist. They want to contribute. When we open and allow, we invite others to share their time, talents and traits with us. Giving and receivng is a two way street on the same highway. 

My husband is not a fan of chickens or goats. However, he has been extremely supportive. The majority of the work is mine and I am enjoying it. If it gets to be something else, it will go! For now there is great learning and wonderful expeirnces so its here. The chicks have grown so fast that they need a new space. We don't have the other permanent building ready yet. I knew that moving the chickens to a larger tank was necessary, yet I lacked the muscles and ability of "how to build a new shelter".  I shared this with Chad and invited his ideas. No pressure or hurry. I continued to clean out the small pen several times a day and just did those micromovements we talked about in class the other night.

Several ideas surfaced. Good ones and yet time seemed to be the barrier. I have more than a full schedule this week so I really wasn't sure how things would come into alignment. I just kept on movning, doing what needed to be done. Last night I came home to a magnificient set up. A large tank, a large screen with chicken wire and tarps and a heat lamp! (The man is brilliant!) I was golfing. He was working on my our project!

I had invited him to assist, acknowledging that I was going to need some help. I didn't force, push, control or direct. I also didn't worry. I also didn't feel guilty (which is huge, especially since I was having fun and he was at home working!). I did FULLY acknowledge and appreciate this beautiful act of support and kindness. As I sat with this today, I realized that he's always been supportive and willing to assist. That hasn't changed. What changes is that I am now allowing him to share with me. This may sound strange, as I've lived with the man for years but much of that time I was operating on an old mindset. It was not supportive but it was the only one there for a long time.

I feel that much of our society is like this. We are more than willing to help if we just knew where to best direct our efforts. Its important to ask, it is important to share and to communicate what our needs are. In the past, I misinterpreted the message that being strong and independent meant I had to do it (ALL) myself. That's not true (AT ALL). We may appear as individual islands floating along in the sea of life though that isn't quite the truth. We are all IN the same sea, we are all IN this life together; the more we connect, communicate and share the more land we link and the more ground we cover. Its time to do that now.

We are all diverse and unique and we are all connected through our needs, strengths and weakness. If you need help today, ask for it! You may be giving someone a fabulous opportunity to share their time, talents, love, and attention with you. If someone asks you for help, share freely. We are all in this together, we might as well have fun and enjoy the human connection. We aren't islands, we are notes dancing along to Love's amazing, universal tune.


  1. All about Love!!! Thanks, Robyn.....

  2. It is all about LOVE! Thanks for the sweet comment!