Saturday, May 15, 2010

They survived the winter!

We are in the midst of planting fruit and nut trees for our future orchard.

While Chad is mowing I crept over to assess how the berry bushes are doing. Seven out of eight made it! They won't bear fruit this summer but I sure hope by 2011 we will be feasting on delicious black berries and raspberries. These are two of my most favorite treats. Due to the expense, they are rare treats.

Two years ago I began reading books on sustainable living and homesteading. These subjects align deeply with my path and interests. I don't buy into the fear mentality of a crashing economy. I see the "challenges" as a direct invitation to do more with our creativity and use our land and resources wisely.

For us this means planting a garden, growing and preserving as much of our own food as we can, planting an orchard, raising chickens, running cattle, doing improvement projects ourselves and a slew of other practices that I didn't figure I'd do five short years ago.

What I most appreciate is that what we are doing, we do as a family. We aren't in the house, watching tv or playing video games, we aren't in town buying things we don't need. We are creating, learning and growing.....together and this is what makes my heart really happy!

One of the things I hope for is that my children will grow up with strong values and usable skills. I want them to stay close to their roots and to this place! This is the community I want to build. I will understand if they choose to travel and explore (they'll come by this naturally). When they are ready to anchor down, this place will be ready.

I know things change and nothing is set in stone. This is simply the shape of my "hope" right now.

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