Saturday, May 1, 2010

These Guys Have Had It Easy!

I took a few shots of our horses the other night when the kids and I went to hike out and check on the baby calf. By this time last year, we'd already had the horses in shape and were in the arean every night. This spring they've been saddled twice. Sad. I love riding, especially this time of year before it gets too hot. I admit I have a fair-weather cowgirl, I most enjoy riding when it is WARM and there is a slight breeze. Planting a garden, golfing and sitting by a campfire are included in the fair-weather realm. The fact is, I detest being cold. I only live in this state year round because my family is here and we are rooted down. This doesn't mean that I like Nebraska weather or wind. I enjoy the experince of having four seasons and the variety that it brings, however my idea is around 70-80 degrees and consistent WARMTH.

Last night, because I am no quitter, I did attemp a camp fire. I got all the effects of burn eyes, partially done brats and hair that smelled like smoke. After supper was cleaned up and things sort of back in order, I did attempt to sit outside and finally, with frozen fingers, I gave up and went in. I am a weiner........what can I say?

There is nothing more beautiful than a horseback ride in the canyons, just as the sun is setting but on a windy, cold day I enjoy looking out the window watching my horses graze just as much~I realize this doen't qualify me as a "tough cowgirl" but I am one that speaks my truth. It just aint fun if its cold!

So for the time being, with the wind blowing and what feels like cold temps to me, I am happy to occupy myself with tasks and t0-dos inside, there are plenty of them. These horses won't have it easy much longer. Our first branding is next weekend. We'll head north for that. Rodeo season is just around the corner too. They better enjoy their freedom while they can because it is just about time to saddle up and hit the road.

Hope your weekend is filled with an easy, breezy rhythm. I'd like to go golf in an hour but I still think it might be too cold for me. (Sorry team! If it warms up tomorrow, I'll meet you on the green!)

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