Sunday, May 2, 2010

Another Hunter Joins the Ranks!

Today was one of those days where I just want to push the slow-motion button and savor every minute.

I slept in and was really late hitting the shower. I made a quick rebound though and made a vow to stab the to-do list right in the heart.

We checked on our trees after church assessing what to plant next. Checked on baby calf #2 and then I tackled chicken chores. The birds are big and they need space-----the tin hasn't arrived yet so we will build a larger temp home for them. I'm nervous because a couple are getting pretty pecked on.

Chad and Pake were gone all afternoon for hunter's safety class. Chad has t have this to go Elk hunting this fall and Pake was old enough to take it so they went together. We were all a little nervous, 50 questions seems like a lot. Pake loves to hunt and is interested in all aspects of firearms so this helps. It wasn't drudgery!

Spark, Pooh, dogs and Mama spent a glorious hour outside before resuming the reorganization efforts. I am continually amazed at how quickly this place can turn into a disaster zone. Holy cow, didn't I just do this two weeks ago? Perhaps I'm living in a time warp because I just did all the cleaning and pick-up all over again!

Night came way too soon! I would love to have had a leisurely evening but it was not!

We did manage to have a campfire and grill steaks. We wanted t celebrate Pake and Chad's accomplishments! Pake was really excited, as was his family. He comes from a long line of hunters and I'm sure they are delighted to have him joining their ranks! Personally I feel he learned a lot and this makes it a little easier on me to let him go hunting. I've grown up around the sport but I'm still petrified when a shot off......maybe its a mom thing?

I have a busy week ahead and I still have laundry to fold before I hit the hay. I will be subbing tomorrow and teaching at MPCC tomorrow night. The rest of the week is just as full. It is a good thing I only do what I love otherwise I would dread the week ahead of me.

So without further ado, here's this weekend's Dynamic Details:

*Pake passing his Hinter's Safety Test
*Listening to Pryce play with her cows (she has a great dialogue!)
*Parker's support for his brother
*Seeing the floor in my office again
*A gorgeous day with sunshine and mysterious clouds
*feeling joyful for ALL the blessings I have and all that are coming to me
*my beloved friends safe return home to NE

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