Saturday, May 15, 2010

Why knit now?

I've recently begun the next knitting project, another felted bag. This picture doesn't do justice to the brilliant turquoise yarn! It reminds of the crystal waters of Hawaii, though I'm actually going for a "southwestern" feel with this bag.

So why in the world, after posting how crazy-busy this month is, would I take on such a project? In short, it grounds me. This is one of my favorite ways to come to "present moment". I find stillness within while my fingerd fly. My mind wanders for a bit but the rhythm of the weave brings me back, full circle. My thoughts relax and so does my body. I breathe, I knit.

With so many things to knock off my to-do list, I am finding the need to cre8te enjoyable time-outs more frequently. This is one thing that is easy to stop and start, unlike other projects (laundry!) that aren't so enjoyable to complete once they are started.

I also didn't want to forget what I learned this winter. I did stop in to Vickie's shop for a refresher! It came back--thank you muscle memory!

I also have the intention of working on Christmas gifts this summer. December is a full month to, I figure the more I prepare for it now, the more time I will have to relax and enjoy it! The majority of gifts I give this year will feature home crafted products. I have a new plan for Holiday 2010, thanks to reading "The Story of Stuff" by Annie Leonard. In addition to paring down the "stuff" in our home, we'll also be paring down our gift list. The idea is to focus on the quality of our experience together. On this, we all agree!

So now, back to the to-do list. Chad just called, the pick-up died on the way up the hill. He's stranded with a load of cattle on board. As I posted on facebook yesterday, It is a good thing I'm so adaptable!

Enjoy the day!

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