Thursday, May 20, 2010

Summer Vacation Begins.............

It’s officially here…………summer vacation. School let out today at 11:30 am. The boys came home, excited to be here every day with me, their Mama! I am excited too. I love having my kids with me though I will have to get used to wearing my firefighter suit more often. The first flame rose up at approximately noon, when the littlest one started squabbling with the big one over "I don't know what".  I just could tell from the kitchen there were not happy, pleasant vibes coming from the living room.

We did watch a movie today, Avatar. I can’t say that I watched it, my multi-tasking was in high gear. No one cared if I watched or paid attention, they just wanted my lap and wanted me in the room with them.  I noticed they kept getting annoyed when I asked “what happened” and invited them to help me catch up (they are so like their father in that department, he gets annoyed too but they didn't tell me to pay more attention! I just got the ol eye roll!

The second fight started when the littlest one started in with the middle one. She "HAD to have" his bow and arrow so she could "play the girl Avatar, (I don't know which one?) Oh the fight was on! Clearly we are going to need some practice in the art of sharing. The little one IS old enough to not get her way all the time; her brother are starting to stand up to her. This could be a long summer of “learning to get along” and play nice!

In the past I’ve hosted celebrations to commemorate the final day of school. This year, quite frankly, I am pooped. We have Johnston branding tomorrow and I’ll be traveling for a Feng Shui consultation. We still have a goat/chicken barn to build and lots of plants awaiting their homes in the ground. Much to do, much to do!

I snapped this photo the other day on “Sparky’s” field trip. It reminds me of summer, though the day wasn’t as warm has it had been in past years. It was apparently warm enough for two snakes to be out!

Part of the reason I love summer is the appearance of freedom and a slower pace. I am truly craving that right now. I have dreams of lying by a river and listening to the water flow, feeling warm rays of sunshine drenching my skin and looking up at a cloudless, brilliant blue sky. I smell lilac blossoms and I drift away to somewhere very soft, quiet and peaceful. This is the image I’ve been referring back to again and again. This is what will get me through the next week when I am juggling classes, consultations/sessions, children, goats, chickens and a garden. It is a good thing that I LOVE what I do, since it doesn’t seem like work.

We are off to build a milk stand. The girl we're getting is used to being milked without but but future goats may not be. Since we are all ready "under construction" what the heck! Chad saw the plans and is sure that he can whip this together in no time. I'm amazed. My job is coming up with the fab ideas, I am thankful he's willing to actually execute them.

Watch for Twitter updates! I'll post branding pics. I won't have service for the better part of the day but if you'd like help in squandering away any time you have, I'll be happy to oblige!

Happy almost weekend and almost summer..........

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