Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Walk in the Park

One of the things I most love about summer is the flexible schedule. I have a rough idea od how the day will go but nothing is set in stone.

We enjoyed a fun morning; the boys checked out library books, we dropped Marley off at Buddies for a trim (thanks Annette, awesome job! He looks sooo much better!) Back to Maywood to get the repaired mower (thanks Jason, we really needed it to work!) Back to the library for a game of Clue. Back to Curtis. I decided to order a pizza while we waited for Marley. The kids were starving (and Mom was too)!

We headed to the park and were excited to met up with our friends, Darcy, Ty and Shawn. I took this picture shortly after lunch. A few small minutes of movement, peace and quiet in my day. I love small town parks. I have the urge to stretch out, make grass angels and watch clouds go by! It didn't happen today, sometime it will.

After snagging a piece of pizza (Pake ate 4!) We headed home. I power cleaned/reorganized anf the boys spruced the grounds with the mowers. Each of them were also treated to a trim, compliments of Mom's clippers.

We almost got the days to-do list licked but a few tasks will be carried over on tommorrows agenda. I just got done sketching out my daily schedule for the rest of June-----yikes. Its going to be busy, really, really busy.......

I've some to realize it is a good thing I have the phone and the technology I do. Without it, the blog posts would be few and far between!

The one thing this month has NOT been is a "walk in the park"--- I'm glad its summer. It is busy though somehow, it all seems to get done and fall in line. I'm still fantasizing about spending the entire day in my hammock, reading a great book, but if given the opportunity, I'd take a walk in the park too!

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