Friday, June 4, 2010

Morning Greens

I'm mobile blogging while letting my goats graze. I have no plans to be on or near a computer; I'm grateful for the technology that let's me communicate with the outside world, away from the confines of a desk and walls. I LOVE being outside, especially on days like this. It may get hot later but we've got right now to enjoy!

I am finding the "morning graze" is deeply relaxing. Its a great time (and sometimes the only time) I get to sit and just be. Everything seems right with the world, even if choas is building from the house, with waking, whiny children a few yards away!

I wouldn't spend the money to go to a fancy resort to "relax". If I could spend the entire day, doing little other than watching goats graze, I'd be quite content. Its a pretty easy "job"!

Its starting to warm up though and I've promised these tomatoes a new, summer home. I have chicken chores and plants to water and countless other to-do to get to today.

I think I'll linger a bit longer then hit the ground. What's your favorite way to greet the day, relax and unwind? Please share!


  1. I want to be THERE! It is getting hot now, coolness of the morn has passed.

  2. Well, the morning was fabulous but I can't say the same for the afternoon! After transplanting 25 tomato plants, weeding and lawn carethe cool morn was but a memory! It got hot and sticky! The shower @ 5 felt divine!