Saturday, June 26, 2010

Especially with Cap'n Jack!

Oops! I wasn't quite done....

I was about to say that in spite of the disasterous appearance of my home, it feels great to be here. The seat of my car was getting old. If you're following my blog, then you know what kind of a tizzy I have when my house is such a mess. There is a cowboy hat, an airplane cargo ship various books, a cooler, a sewing basket, a laundry basket, and several other items that shouldn't be in this room.

Jack is included in the mix. He hasn't made it downstairs yet. My dear friend Shari "gifted" him to Parker. She knows he's a huge pirate/Jack Sparrow fan (as is his Mama!) There's just something about rugged men.....ahem...excuse me, where was I?

So even though I can't see the counters in the kitchen and every room in this house is a disorganized mess, I am enjoying the comfort of my surroundings and.....the view. It's pretty HOT right now!

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