Sunday, June 6, 2010

The 2nd Victim

I had a feeling this would happen. After milking Egypt I ran the milk straight to the house to cool. I have a system now and dare I say, it seems to be working.

Last evening was lovely and the goats appeared to be enjoying a bit of freedom from the confines of their pen. I asked my "butterfly chasing son" to watch them for me while I went to the house. He apparently became distracted or found a BIG butterfly, forgot or didn't hear me.......whatever! The point is my two beautiful pink Geranium flowers became desert for Egypt and Aries. Count this as the second and third victims, as we lost a pepper plant the first day they were here. Parker is about to get fired! (hummmmm, maybe that is what he wants?)

I can't be too upset, I knew this was a possibility but it didn't make me any less pleased. I was downright, stinking mad.

I hope they grow back, they were so pretty. Pryce picked out her very own, "pretty pink flowes" and was so excited to water them every day. Add this to the loss of our two new barn kitties, and we had a real flood of tears and emotions.

I'll be writing about the tomatoes later. The family is hungry and Sunday just caught up with my body.

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  1. Geraniums are tough and very forgiving. I bring mine in every fall and they grow beautifully inside all winter. Come spring before warm enough to put them out I ALWAYS forget to water then and they get all spindly (I don't know why I forget, maybe sick of watering them). I cut the plant clear back so it looks dead and in just a few days new little leaves are coming out and before you know it new flowers. I love my geraniums :). So your little princess will be seeing new flowers forming before you know it :)