Friday, June 18, 2010


Her favorite place is in the feedbunk! We just wish Mama took a liking to her as instantly as we have! This month has been nothing short of "suk-tastic", which has become my "word" lately.

We are "growing sprouts" in midst of all the s*#+ that's been piled on us in the last 18 days or so. Feathers and Camo are thriving as are the guineas. We have sort of fallen into a rhythm though its been anything but predictable. Chad has been gone all week at school. He was home for two hours and then hit the rodeo trail. He did take Sparky along so it is slightly more quiet around here. I already miss the wild giggle!

We are off to go reclaim our peas. It was too hot earlier to do any weeding. We spent most of the day getting baby settled in. She is darn cute I tell you! She's going to give us a run for the money. Summeria is spirited, opinionated and wild. She seems to la, la, LOVE Pake (who wouldn't?!) He is the only one she'll come to right now!

We have a full weekend, starting with a big parade tomorrow, and then on Sunday, a Jr. Rodeo and a FUN birthday party! Did I mention how much we heart summer?!?!?

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