Thursday, June 10, 2010

Growing On

I've just sat down for a simple, fast lunch. In light of the challenges this week, I'm reminded that always, always there is hope. Life continues, wounds heal and growth happens, even if you are a dandelion pushing up between a crack in the sidewalk.

I want to thank everyone for the kind, supportive and sincere comments left on this blog and my facebook page as well as the phone calls, texts, emails and hugs, which I really needed! Your support has help me process what initially felt like total devastation. I feel blessed beyond belief to have such wonderful friends. THANK YOU!

Times like this seem to make me doubt myself and second guess my path and purpose. I am not going anywhere but I am taking the rest of this week to really take a long, hard look at what I am creating. Some things are out of my hands, which is difficult to acknowledge for a girl who wears a purple shirt with an S on the chest! ( Some of you have seen my "Super Girl" shirt, so you know what I'm talking about!)

I've done some inner work, alignment and journey sessions to help process the shock. I feel better today. It is my personal belief that building and destruction are both necessary elements in the art of creation. New awarenesses arise when old beliefs, thoughts and paradigms are broken down and released. Sometimes it takes a sudden, shocking shift for this to occur. Since I'm right in the vortex of this storm, its hard to see out but I trust that a higher path is emerging.

I could ponder the "why's, the what if's" and continue to analyze the event from every angle and that will not bring my birds back. Self-guilt only works for so long because the vow I've made with my truth has already broken though that ego-illusion. So here I sit working with what is. I'll pick myself up, dust off and move forward. I'm not in the mood to dance or even skip, the most I can do it put one foot in front of the other and try NOT TO THINK! I feel deeply, no matter if it is over the loss of my chickens, goats eating my plants, kids fighting or a dirty look! I am an emotional being and I choose to see this as a blessing rather than a curse.

Good things are already coming through, the dark clouds are breaking up. Today's primary lunch ingredient came from my garden---spinach. I didn't expect it to grow, so this was a tasty surprise! I had spinach post for later with a couple of delicious recipes to share.

I also found my berry bushes have a few fruits on them, which I didn't expext to have for another year. The garden is coming along nicely.

And the best news yet......I got a surprise phone call from my folks asking if we were going to be home. It rained like crazy up north, so they are headed our way this afternoon! Ahhhh, things ARE looking up! I have three excited children that are now bouncing off the walls in abundant anticipation of the arrival of our guests.

This has been a rough patch. I can see my garden thrives when s@#* is thrown on it, so perhaps I can follow suit. I've had plenty of fertilizer this week. Now, its time to cultivate the ground and see what is ready to be planted next? Time to "grow on". Thank you, with all my heart, for helping me find the rainbow, it appears that it is right here in my yard.

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