Friday, June 11, 2010

New Babies

Chad surprised me with a delivery of four baby pearl guineas. He looked for chicks but they were out. Not a surprise really, didn't expect we'd be able to find the kind we had close by.

Pake was pretty reluctant to "get attached" but the other too fell right back in love; kids bounce back. I can't say I'm excited to start from the bottom, three-day-old level again but looks like I will. It night be easier with only four instead of 30. Like Pake, I feel a bit reluctant. I'm still very sad yet I know that its time to go forward. Its hard not to with Park and Blue Sparkle around.

They are pestering me to get the tank set up. So out to the barn I go. It is darn sure not going to be quiet, these birds are "squawk boxes". I'm very glad they are NOT in the house!

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