Saturday, June 5, 2010

At the JR Rodeo

Today's post finds the Johnston Clan at Thedford's Junior Rodeo. Its on the chilly side, and a whole lot windy.

We are sitting under a tent, "camping out" this afternoon. I am kicking myself for not buying one of these shades on sale last fall. I have a feeling we'll be using one often.

So far, Pake got 5th in goat tying with a 17 flat, Parker rode a steer for 2.7 seconds and Pryce goat-tail un-tied. Right now she is much more interested in digging holes for her ponies and playing with her bff (and cousin) Cayson.

I have to say this is the longest I've sat on my can, and I am having a heck of a time staying awake! I know if I were at home I'd be working in the garden (fun) or downstairs, reorganizing the basement (not so fun)!

I do think I've burned myself out following the rodeo trail. I've followed Chad around since 1994. I have a hard time getting excited to pack coolers, lawn chairs and whatever else we drag along. I'm fickle though; if the event has to do with golf, goats, gardens or greenhouses I'd be all over it!

It is fun to watch my kids and hang out with the rest of the Johnston Crew. My adorable nephew keeps telling me he loves me and I keep melting. He's my little buddy and is determined to prevent "Aunt Robyn" from getting bored! He's sad he forgot his book because he knows I'd read it to him (we sit and read and read and read when he comes for visits!

I see the barrel racing has started so I should act like I'm paying attention. I might need a nudge here in a bit, my eyelids are heavvvvvy!

Coffee anyone? I need a pint!

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