Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Getting Cozi

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"A little knowledge is a dangerous thing."
~English proverb

Are you Cozi? I’m getting that way! I’ve just found a stellar calendar and family organizer that I thought would be fun to share with my readers. This is a free website on the computer and is also available as an application for Android and Iphone users

Once you download the app, you can customize it to match your family members. It comes with a calendar, to do list, shopping lists and even an on-the-go Journal which can be made into a web page and linked with your Facebook account.

To do lists, shopping lists and reminders can be emailed to all members of the family (providing 1. they have an email 2. they check it!) These lists can also be sent as text messages for your on-the-go busy spouse and kids.

I’m always on the lookout for good (free) organizers for myself and clients. This is one I will share in my classes this fall. I am a perpetual calendar buyer (though I usually abandon them around the first of June!) I do however “keep my life” in my phone and have found it to be so much easier to keep track of a pen and notebook. I was forever misplacing my grocery list and one thing is for sure, I always have my phone with me!

What I love about this app is that the calendar and phone are linked so what I type in one shows up in the other! So cool! (sadly, I've spent the morning checking this out so I could bring you this wonderful information!) Clearly it is easy for me to find such positive distractions.

Accordin to the Robyn J. to-do list, I should be getting off of here and accomplishing something. The problem with such a great app is that is doesn't actually DO the work ;( At any rate, here's the website! http://www.cozi.com/

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