Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Kind of Day

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Oh Sunday, how I love thee, let me count the ways:

It’s quite amazing what a Sunday can do for the soul. I’ve had an active, week so as of 8 pm last night through 10 am today, I did very little. We spent the evening relaxing and visiting. I confess I did sleep in and… IT WAS GLORIOUS!!!

In fact I was so well rested that I did something completely irrational….I went outside and trimmed both Sami and Egypt’s hooves. Truly disgusting and laboring but with a plugged nose and ample rest, I dove right in. It’s a funny thing: I detest the back-breaking work, yet, once I start it becomes kind of addicting, I have a hard time stopping. It felt good to knock out that job. I wasn’t planning it but I’m very glad it’s out of the way. Two of four isn’t too bad. I'm going to need more rest before I tackle the next eight hooves.

Next, we took a fun family trail ride through the canyons. The kids had been asking me to go with them for the last couple of days. Chad was willing to take them but they begged Mom to hop on and ride along too. I’ve had a lot of responsibilities to take care of lately, so I’d put them off for long enough. I grabbed a cap, sweatshirt and down-filled jacket and prayed that George would be kind to my fragile body.. Chad assured me he had warmed him up but I’m always a bit skeptical. I’ve been dumped one too many times to really trust that! The ride was wonderful. I love looking at the world around me on the back of a horse.

Upon returning, I took advantage of the afternoon’s appearance of space and time and decided to bake an angel food cake…from scratch. I have wanted to try this for several months and again, there always seems to be a time factor lurking. I’m excited to say it turned out beautifully, despite the fact that I left out the salt. It ain't cooking around here unless I forget an ingredient or burn something!

Once dishes were done (I seem to dirty every bowl and spoon in the kitchen~no wonder my cooking episodes are few and far between) I descended into my craft room for three hours of homework/study. Ugg. The seven hours I put in on Friday did pay off. I mainly spent my time double checking and cross-referencing, said a prayer that I would actually get a passing grade and then hit click.

That brings me to this evening: goats needs fed, chickens need locked in, kids are hungry and it’s time to be thinking about our bedtime routine. Even though I slept in, I can say it won’t take much to shut these eyes and drift away. Wishing you a wonderful evening and a fantastic week.

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