Sunday, November 8, 2009

"Green Decorating"



I have a strong love for decorating. I’m pretty sure it’s genetic. I remember my Mom Grandma Ruth and decorating their homes in accordance to the season. This is possibly what led me to discover Feng Shui (the art of placement) nearly 10 years ago. This philosophy has done great things in my life and I’d like to hope in those of my clients as well.

The premise of this concept is to create a balance, harmony and wholeness in every environment. Clutter is simply not part of that equation, though very few homes escape it! When we began our home transformation last year, I had no idea the amount of clutter that we housed. Its very easy to toss it in a room, storage container or some other out-of-sight-out-of-mind location (my kids prefer the dark zone between their bed and the floor!) I’ve become keenly aware of how easy it is to collect too. One has to keep a very watchful eye otherwise those empty spaces are ready to breed and multiply again (toys are the worst!)

This year, I set a clear goal for myself, no holiday decorations no matter how cute or how fun they appeared in the store. Oh, and nothing PLASTIC! I’ve tightened the strings and changed the ropes on the way I do a lot of things. Everything from my shopping/spending habits have been up for review, everything. The tendency to buy, buy, buy is always present and I am learning not to act on it!

In my personal war against useless spending, I’ve counted a major coup! The only store-bought decoration item brought into our home this fall was…………….ribbon. Drum roll please! I incorporated the “use what you already have” with a few natural pieces gleaned from the outdoors; my favorite new item………milkweed pods! The gourds, pumpkins and cornstalks came out of our garden.

The best thing about these decorative items is that when we done all I’ll do is roll up the ribbon to use next year. We’ll then eat the pumpkins, make the gourds into candleholders compost the corn stalks and viola………..we’re done!

What creative decorations are in your home this season? I’d love to hear about them

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