Friday, November 27, 2009

It is really quite simple...........

I am at my mom and dad's right now, totally enjoying the slower rhythms that come when I am away from my familiar responsibilities. This is certainly where I come to get away from the world, relax, unwind and recalibrate.

I can't get cell phone service here so my connection with the outerworld is internet. I like it though, my system needs this break. I have been working in ki readings in the quiet times and taking walks on my favorite road. So many memories are here. It doesn't seem like work to pitch in and help either. So last night, when I asked my dad what was on his list for the following day, he said he had to clean out the grain bin. I shared that I would be glad to help. He said he'd pay me. "Sure" I said, "I'll do anything for a little money"! My middle son piped up and said, "Mom loves making money" and the other one said "and she likes to spend it". I never thought of my young children making these observations but obviously they have!

So after helping dad clean out the grain bin, Parker and I went for a walk. "Mom did get paid yet!?" Amused, I shared that I helped Papa because I wanted to, not because I was getting paid to. I knew Papa needed and appreciated the help and it had nothing to do with getting paid.

He looked at me with a puzzled expression. I thought you loved making money?! I do I shared but it is not the most important thing to me. I love you and your siblings and our family and friends more than anything. "Well," asked Parker, "How would we ever make it if we didn't didn't get paid? How would we eat? How would we live. Would we die?!!!!!" (I guess I hadn't thought about it like this?!)

I explained that we use money as a form of exchange to buy things we need and/or want. We do use it to buy our food, clothes and pay for gas so that we can visit our family. It is nice to have money, its good that we can earn it and if we had to, we would be fine without it. "Well if we didn't have money to buy gas, we could just ride our horses" and off he skipped!

I love seeing perspectives through the eyes of a child. Sometimes the things we think are so complicated are really quite simple. If one way isn't working, we can just try another. Sometimes, it IS that easy!

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