Monday, November 9, 2009

Note To Self


Well this pretty much sums up my evening! If there were a place where I could have plucked my head in the ground I just may have. We had a full afternoon of back-to-back appointments which, by myself would have probably have gone off without a hitch. However, I had my three wonderful children along and they were hungry. I had a fleeting thought that I should pack some snacks but alas, I did not! I didn't take the time and just passed the idea with "oh we'll just grab something in town." Wrong, very wrong. In the summer time we seldom leave the house without a snack bag, but its fall, and I'm out of practice.

I am not a huge McDonalds fan, that's no secret. It doesn't mean that I don't occassionally pull in to grab something quick, but it is always against my better judgment and this is supported because I rarely leave the drive through in a speedy manner or with all the items that I ordered. I've lost count of how many times this has happened. Today I learned a major lesson. We sat in line for a very long time. I ordered and then silence. No explanation of what happend, here's your order here's the total, please full forward. Silence for an unreasonable amount of I pulled ahead. Ok. I get it. Thanks Universe, fast food isn't always fast, especially when I am in a hurry! I don't blame anyone; not the girl with the blank look that answered now when I pulled up and asked if she got my order, not the kid at the next window that asked me to pull forward it would only be about 10 more minutes to get those nuggest out. I asked for my money back.

I was frustated but I got it. I needed to listen to that little voice and pay attention to it. I should have packed a lunch! I sometimes rely on the convenience of a drive through when I'm in town, even though I had food at home. I don't have a drive through in the canyon, I take food and drink for everyone! I learned something here tonight; if we leave the house for more than two hours, we need to have backup beverages and treats! Since this was a teachable moment, I clued the kids in too, they just as well help me remember. A team effort will go far. Had we gone to the grocery store we could have possibly spent a load!

Had I listened to this simple insight, we would have had enough time to have a little car picnic and would have had healthier options. It would have saved us from sitting in a drive through for nearly 30 minutes and still have nothing to eat! The kids were troopers I tell you. They did not whine at all as they waited for Pake's apointment. I was very proud of them.

My patience has been fully tested today and though I completely feel like exploding I haven't. My head is still on my shoulders so that is good news. We had a bit of a melt-down on the way home when Pryce realized Shamu had been left behind, though we hope to recover on the next town trip. Nights like this it is easy feel like a tattered leaf trying to hold on to a tree. I feel stretched trying to meet the needs of three beautiful beings, each with his/her own needs and styles. Diversity is nice sometimes not convenient for one tired mother! Tonight was not comfortable but it was a teachable moment. I hope I modeled the importance of listening to one's inner wisdom and how we can look at challenges as opportunites to change. We'll definitely be packing food with us next time!

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