Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Is it Going To Get Worse?


Yesterday while running my marathon of errands in town, I heard an interesting comment. In my effort to shop locally I am distributing my wealth in as many locations as I can rather than just that one stop-convenience place that has a ton of cars in its parking lot and even longer lines!

I don’t mind this place early in the morning, I even have some friends that work there but I am really clear that I want to support those in my community first. This is a matter of choice over convenience. Sometimes it requires willingness to make several stops, to enjoy the journey not just the feat of getting everything found, bought, loaded and unpacked at home.

So back to the comment: in this store that shall remain nameless, one very sweet employee shared that the Halloween isle was 90% off! I only came to this store to grab a package of name brand yeast that I had a coupon for and flavored coffee. Two things,that was it. Of coarse I was curious so I checked it out. What I saw surprised me. It was as if nothing had been touched! The isle was full of trick-or-treat goods. As I was looking around, the only other shopper in the isle said, “It must be going to be really bad if no one is out here buying this stuff.” Lightening Bolt!

Her comment zapped my attention and like it does in movies where the screen zeros in on a frozen second in time, my thoughts ceased. There was no panic, no fear it was simply an observation. Hummmm.

And so the questions is here? Do others think things are going to get really bad? What will happen if they do? My initiall thought was would be so bad if people aren’t spending money on useless Halloween items that are made so cheaply that they’ll last for a few sword fighting sessions and then end up in the dump? Would it be bad if we were to go back to our roots, doing and making more things for ourselves and our families? Would it be so bad if we spent quality time instead of money? Could we be more cre8tive with our lifestyle and entertainment choices and ways of meeting our needs? What if we were “forced” to change our ways and spend less? Silly question that one is, huh? I guess the difference for me is that I’ve always looked at where I am as a matter of choice not because I feel that someone or something placed me in this situation. I don't blame the economy or anyone in it. I am where I am due to the past choices that I've made. If I don't like how things are, then it is up to me to change that. Blame does nothing.

My income varies anyway but I can tell there’s been a drastic reduction in the number of clients that contact me. As a Licensed Spiritual Health Coach, I am in the business of helping others find their way. The exchange for my services, insight and guidance is secondary to the amount of disposable income that someone feels he/she has. I am deeply grateful that there are people who value what I offer and are willing to make that exchange. The work we do together creates a vital foundation for getting through rough times such as the one we are already in. I encourage everyone to look at what is being presented to us as a choice, an invitation.

Our parents, grandparents and previous generations knew how to survive. I believe that we are here to take it one step further not only survive but to thrive! Countless men and women have made sacrifices on our behalf. Faces and names we’ll never know personally. Yet the foundation of truth, hope and peace are still present. Perhaps this is a time of redefining our values and our goals. This has certainly been the case in my family. We've deleted a lot but instead of feeling deprived and lacking we feel abundantly blessed. We don’t look at all we’ve given up instead we look at how much we already have in front of us.

So what if we are headed for leaner times? What does that really mean for us? If we are connected to our truth and we still have the freedom to choose, it may just be ok. What some of us forget is that there is and always has been a natural ebb and flow. Nothing stays the same, it’s impossible. The bad times may not last if we can change how we look at uncomfortable situations. Yes, we know it can always get worse but it does go the other way too, things can always get better! Good times and good things can arise out of adversity. We have the power to change. We just have to remember it!

Did I buy useless Halloween items? I’d love to report that I just walked about but gosh, who can refuse a cute shirt for an adorable little girl for a buck? I paid 25 cents so that each kid could have his/her own pumpkin carver, threw in another 50 cents for leopard headband, tie and tail (bb game mascot and future costume) and 25 cents for face paint that can be cre8tively pulled out when we get a little bored this winter (remember we don't have cable!) Who knows, maybe I saved a few of these items from an early landfill death? By the way, does anyone know where the excess stuff goes when it doesn’t sell for 90% off? I’d love to know!
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