Thursday, November 12, 2009

Robyn's Requirements for Gift Giving


That's 8. Count 'em 8 catalogues in the mail today. Ok. The one in the middle is PSN. It got mixed up with the Land's End selection that was promptly tossed to the side to capture this moment in history. But still?!

I belive the season has arrived. The question is are we buying into this part of it? My personal quest this year has become to buy intentionally. That means my requirements for gifting are as follows: 1. It has to be thoughtful and meaningful to the person that I am buying it for 2. It has to in some way fill a need/use. I have been know to buy beer and it was well received. And yes, books count, especially when buying for younger children~they NEED to learn to read! 3. It should be fitting and something the receiver will enjoy. For example don't make a scarf just because you can and send it to a cousin living in Hawaii! 4. It has to be Non-tacky (and we should add non-toxic, so maybe the beer is out this year?) Everyone knows what gifts I am talking about here! I love sincere gifts, even if it is a simple kiss and a hug! As bad as it sounds, I'd rather go without than receive something just because someone felt obligated to buy for me. 5. Ideally it should be a reasonable price. It probably would be if I started my shoppoing early in the year. I have a few gifts found, not all though. My ideal would be to done in July. Is that too early?!

I am all about a good deal but I am so tired of receiving coupons for "free shipping with any $50 purchase". Please. I have no intention of spending $10 (unless you are Prarie Berry Winery.......I welcome your wonderful little note cards and just wished I lived closer). In my effort to tightent the purse straps I am becoming keenly aware of marketing strategies to get me in a store where I will somehow loose consciousness and blow my budget. Nope. Not this year. Sorry for all the folks whose name I drew! Don't worry though, with the aforementioned requirements, I assure you that the gift you receive will have been researched, searched for deliberately, pondered, prayed over, and purchased with love. It may not have a name brand but you can bet it was hand-selected or hand-made just for you.

And just out of curiousity............what is the tackiest gift you've received?
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