Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bag It!


I don't consider myself to be overly crafty. I am always on the lookout for great ideas and I can whip out a few easy crafts but I know my limitations. If I am going to make something it HAS to be easy and I prefer that it not involve a lot of precise measurements or sewing (although I do want to learn how to operate a sewing machine!)

One look in my closet will tell you that I am a recovering purse and shoe addict.I have enough that I will never wear out what I already have and have enough that I can continue to switch through the seasons. Part of my purse swtiching was based on the fact that none lived up to my standards. I want a purse with lots of compartments to easily find phone, itouch, lip balm, sunglasses, keys, etc. Though I has sworn of any further purse purchases,a search turned up a Haiku to-go bag. It met my list of requirements of more than adequate space, plenty of pockets, durable, stylish and not too heavy. I've used my Haiku bag daily since June. No other purse has stayed with me this long! Its a keeper.

In addition to a good purse, I usually walk out the door with a larger bag. This is essential for hauling around the necessities that come with having children. On any given outing I pack a camera, tissues, water, food/snacks, reading material, gloves, caps, sunscreen toys and always one or two stuffed animals for my daughter. We live pretty far away from conveniences so I like to be prepared. This spring when I came across a DIY bag making book I was hooked. Though most of the patterns are advanced for my simple skills, there is one that I managed to knock out and after three trials I am starting to get the hang of it!

The picture above is my latest creation. I always seem to have a steady supply of old t-shirts around. I wasn't wearing this one any more and as you can tell, its made a lovely bag. A little duct tape and staples were the only other materials used! (This is my kind of craft!) I've tested them out and amazingly enough, they seem to be quite sturdy; I've hauled my lunch, taken supplies to the caynon on horse back and used it as an overnight bag.

I come up with a Christmas Craft every year, something simple, fun and (hopefully) non-tacky! I spot ideas that I most like and the winner is made into several versions for friends. Previous winners were placemat organizers, fork recipie holders, wire ornaments, and welcome signs to name a few.

Would you like a t-shirt bag? I'll host a drawing for anyone that reads this! Send me a short description of your favorite Christmas craft, either that you make or that you've received. I'll put the names in a hat and let Pryce choose one and we'll whip up a bag just for you. We can provide the t-shirt of if you have one that you really love send it my way and I'll "bag it" for you!
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