Monday, November 16, 2009

To All My Angels


Angles. We all have them. Sometimes we see them, sometimes we just notice a feather that has been left on our path. I am certain of their existence.

We all lead busy lives and it is easy to feel separate and isolated. When I get busy, I tend to forget that there are thousands of people, just like me, that are experiencing challenges too. It is easy to focus on all that is going wrong or at least see more of the negative evidence than the positive. Putting things in proper perspective can shift our focus helping us to realize that we are continually supported. Through internet, email and Facebook, we can support others and be supported no matter if we live next door, half-a-state away or in another country! This truly is an amazing time of technological advancement.

Today, I realized just what a supportive tool that FB can be. I took a moment to check emails and surf while waiting for Pryce to eat. My status this morning was about the marathon week that I am experiencing. Let me tell you I could have jumped for JOY when I read the sweet comments of support! I had tears in my eyes (yes I am deeply sentimental!) I felt those pats on the back distantly and it was the boost that I needed to get through the morning of errands, a rental car, and a cranky- stubborn, preschool child! I do believe a few supportive words of encouragement, such simple, authentic gestures are the greatest gifts we can give and receive. Thank you to ALL of my angles today!

Without going into boring details we’ll just say that I covered a lot of ground so far and I have even more to go and its only a little after 9 pm. I’ve played many roles today, some that I love and some that I loathe. I have two piles of laundry that have been successfully ignored and a stack of papers and mail that are about to consume my once spacious kitchen desk. I am continually amazed how some weeks appear to be wide open and the next I can’t pack one more to-do in if I tried! That’s the ebb and flow of life and so I fully embrace it!

Tomorrow is a full day at the computer. On-line coaching, newsletter writing, cooking, laundry, desk work, bill paying, organizing just to name a few to-dos. We’ll be drawing for the Bag It winner too. (I have a helper who is very excited to pick out that name.)

So for all of you supporting me, I send a big hug your way! Thank you for the reminder that the best things in life aren’t things, they are people! No matter how busy we think we are or how much we have to do, we can set it all aside and really be someone's angel today. We are ALL blessed and we are ALL a blessing for others.

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