Saturday, October 31, 2009

Jack-O-Lantern 09 Edition




I am a crafty kind of girl but not when it comes to carving pumpkins. My creative carvings haven't evolved past second grade. The traditional triangle eyes, upside down triangle nose and crooked mouth are funky as I get with these orange orbs. However, the children in our house are not to be pitied. Their father posses a rare and unique talent.........he can make just about any design just by looking at a picture (I am so in awe and so jealous of this talent!) He's carved bats, wolves, spiders and a cat face.

It is know in our house that if you want a cool pumpkin you do not ask mom to help you. (She takes care of the clean up and seed cooking) If you want a cool carving you have two options 1.) wait until dad comes in the house, which could be late or

I am happy to report Parker and Pryce took the later choice (which I fully supported!) Parker's artistic talents have surpassed my own; he's 8. He carved the word boo in his pumpkin and mine! I did go a little wild this year and totally varied from tradition, I made a J; tough, I know! Pryce's pumpkin got a little help from the Carving Master, she requested and received a kitty face.

We are just about ready to put on our costumes now. We have snow on the ground and in some places 4 ft. drifts. I remember cold Halloweens before but not ones with mud soup in front of our barn and drifts beside the house. I love those warm fall nights when the kids and parents don't have to bundle up and wear coats over their costumes! We won't have that this year though it is a balmy 42 degrees presently.

We'll be taking Iron Man, a Pirate and an adorable, fire-breathing dragon to glean treats soon. The excitement is about to begin. Oh the joys of being a mother!!!!

How creative do you get with pumpkin carving? I'd love to hear and/or see fabulous creative designs! Feel free to post below, email me at or friend request me on facebook! We'll be posting the rest of the pumpkin carving pictures and trick-or-treating pics there! Happy Haunting!

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