Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fashions Boots of Southwest Nebraska


Who knew my favorite new fall apparel item would be boots, as in Muck Boots!? I’ve seen these wonderful creations before, in fact, they were carefully wrapped in Christmas packages for Chad and my mom last year. “What a boring gift,” I thought to myself! I’d rather have a shop vac or a camping light, anything but mud boots!

Well, that has all changed now. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it before, maybe because because we haven’t had this much moisture in YEARS! Whatever the reason, I’ve been hoping like crazy to find Muck Boots in my size……. and to get them before Christmas.

We live on a beautiful piece of ground. Beautiful though when it rains or snows I find myself cursing a bit more than usual. Then the hard-as-cement land turns into a vast of grey-chocolate soup, slick as snot and not nearly as much fun as ice skating. It’s always been this way, I just forget in between the soakings. I forget until my tennis shoes sink into a hole and a come up with one foot looking like I’ve stepped into some kind of evil death trap. And if it is not hosed off, it solidifies into a cement crust that does eventually break off with wear in time. Some famous artist would probably be able to make quite a sculpture if he/she wanted to come play around in my driveway. I wouldn’t charge for it either.

As of last Saturday morning, I was full up. I had gracefully maneuvered the mud holes only to find in the next step buried my Nikes. Grrr! My search for Muck Boots began in earnets. I didn’t care if it was Christmas or Easter or July Fourth; the only way to survive in this slick, unforgiving, vehicle sucking muck is with boots of the same name…………I actually can’t believe I’ve survived this long without them. Guess I just resisted the "fashion statement"! Could also be because I live close to the tightwad side.The darn boots cost nearly $90 and that is without any “bling” whatsoever!!!!(I’ll be posting some informational, inspirational ideas soon to live on less, save $ and reexamine spending habits, stay tuned!)

My early present came on Monday. We were on our way to go check out a potential chickens, goats and buildings. Though most of the offerings won’t work for my site (still debating about the animals), I did come home with a smashing pair of black MUCK BOOTS. ooooo! They seem to look best with the worn out, faded blue jeans and sweatshirt, though I suppose in dire circumstances, they could be thrown on under a skirt to get through the mud to the car,(like I did this morning!) though that may test the limits of any fashion-ista (which I am not, so that doesn’t apply.)

I am brilliantly happy that I no longer have soggy feet when I take the dog for a p & p and when I haul things out to the compost pile. I noticed that it was a breeze to fetch Pryce from the bus yesterday. I can’t say the same for our dear bus driver lady. She’s a “safety driver” as Pryce tells me and I was witness to it as I watched her maneuver through the trenches. It'll be dry in days and then we'll forget all about it, until the next time........but then.....I will be ready!

Never have I had this much to say about a pair of boots before, then again, I haven’t need mud boots as bad as I have this week! Sure glad Christmas came early this year!

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