Friday, October 30, 2009

Enjoy It Now!


These used to be my dishes. I was so careful, I didn’t want to break them. The other day, as I got them down from the top shelf for my little daughter, I had “break through”. I’ve saved these dishes all these years and protected them but I never really got to enjoy them, even when I was a child!

Yesterday as Pryce and I were having a delightful tea party I realized that I wanted her to have a different experience; I want her to use and enjoy everything!

I’ve recently discovered a great blog, The Non-Consumer Advocate, written by Kate Wolk-Stanley, . Her motto,“Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.” Those words were certainly ringing in my ear as I joined Po and Jag at the tea party table. It made me think how many times, we as adults “save something for later” and then we never really get around to enjoying it? I've saved things becuase I thought they too good to use for everyday and by the time I got around to using the item is was past the expiration date, out of style or not longer any good.

I hope to share this invitation with my daughter. Granted she is only four and right now, she could care less about any of my concepts. Her goal is to see how much she can get into, what all she can drag out from the treasure trove of mommy’s cupboard and the wonderful delights that await her. I really should thank her because her sleuthing has excavated jewelry I had forgotten that I had, shoes and bags that were tossed in the back of my closet, candles, kitchen gadgets and other items too numerous to mention. (yes, I kept the can opener from my great-grandmother's house, it was just too cool to let go of!) I continue to take steps to reduce clutter to repurpose and recycle whenever I can. I am good at getting rid of most junk but this day I realized I am not so good at using things up and enjoying them.

Although I've teased my mom about keeping so much stuff, this experience also made me appreciate my mother’s hoarding skills. Although I don’t advocate saving everything, I am really glad that she saved this precious little tea set. It does affirm my belief that older items are just as good as brand-spakin’ shiny new ones. (I am hoping to steer the males in our family to seeing this way as well. This could be an interesting journey.)

How many times do we save something "for good" when we miss the opportunity to get the good out of it right now? What is something that you've been saving for later or saving for a special event? Why not let today be that special day? Celebrate the ordinary simplicity that is here, right now.

And most importantly.........what words do we save for later? Maybe there is someone that really needs to hear how much you love, adore and appreciate them? Maybe there is an old grudge that is ready to be released or old an would that wants to be healed? Say what needs to be said, wear those clothes that you've been saving for "good", splash on that expensive perfume, use those tantalizing lotions, wear your grandmother's wedding ring, play with your kids, give out hugs and lots of smiles. Find your passion and share it with others. Live the life that you have always wanted, no excuses! We get one shot, let's use it!
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