Monday, October 19, 2009

I wouldn't look like this if I had an office job!


Though you can't tell clearly by looking at this picture, my jeans are a mess. I look like I've been in a food fight with tomatoes, my hair was falling out of its pony tail and I was covered in dirt and leftover corn shucks. I need to look at this picture often though. On days like today when I have a lot of things to do, (how could I think I got caught up on Friday????!) and I don't know which project to start first. I need to remember that the only person who can signal a time out is ME. This is the life that I've always wanted, one where I can make up my own schedule and work hours. Oh I'm not making three firgures but I am making five figures (myself included) very happy. Yes, I get to play in the dirt, grow things, organize, shuffle, prepare, conference, schedule, type, consult, design, create, craft and communicate for a living. I have the luxury of doing the majority of my paid hours via phone and computer. The rest of my work is done right here at home too, with my family and my animals.

I've long ago given up on the latest fashion trends, I don't try to keep up with the times or styles. In fact, I'm quite fond the quirky, strange and outdated. I love finding a new purpose for an old something. I realize that it would be very hard for me to work consistently in a traditional career. I'm glad I made the transition when I did. It wouldn't be proper to show up in bare feet and dirty blue jeans to teach a class, (unless it was one on organic gardening!) I chuckled when I sat down to this view yesterday and realized how far I've fallen from my formerly "dressed up and professional self"!

This was taken on the bench beside my garden shed. I'll be posting pictures of it too, with the idea of repurposing in mind~an excellent practice for practical decorating and upcoming holiday seasons. The garden spot is where I love to hang out, catch my breath and air my thoughts. The world seems a lot more peaceful when I am sitting here, gazing at the beautiful landscape, the rolling hills and amber waves of grain. Though my garden work is at a standstill with the harvest season, I'll still visit this location throughout the fall and winter. It is a good place to relax, to dream and to escape to when the "real world" becomes constricted.

Finding time for ourselves can be tricky. We have to be especially creative with our time these days as there is so much to do and seemingly no time to do it all in. I think the greatest gift we can give ourselves each day is a bit of solitude and tranquility. Quiet moments, even those we have to steal away, are where we reconnect to our truth. Nothing on the outside can give us peace, everything we need, everything we search for, everything we want is already, right here, within............
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