Tuesday, March 8, 2011

That's more like it!

Here the physical evidence of yesterday's excavation efforts. I found some pretty interesting items, including one brother's missing mp3 player, needle nose pliers, and four oreos minus the cream filling!

It took most of the day, but the closet and drawers now contain only clothes that fit and items she'll wear. It's useless to battle with her over tops that I think are cute and ones she can't stand. At this point she's a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl and I accept that.

School was called off today so my cleaning and clearing plan may move to the basement since the boys are home. We have two bedrooms to tidy up and one clutter gone wild toy closet, the craft room needs attention as does the bathroom and floors. I'm tossed though, I had planned on diving into our bedrooms and bathroom. It's time to downsize shoes and winter clothes. I'm also thinking about repainting my bathroom so I may take everything out today and see if my idea will work. I won't have a chance to paint for awhile but the momentum is gathering. This space is the last frontier in my three year DIY home reno; I want to be done!

It is time to get moving. As I've shared with my students, this is my seasonal routine (even if it still looks and feels like winter). I've spent three years doing deep detox. Those efforts are paying off. I can cover a lot of ground with less effort because clutter is not as monumental as it once was. I keep only what I love and only what I have room for. I go through the rooms often and pair down gradually and continually. I always feel better after this ritual. I'll be ready for spring, whenever she chooses to arrive!

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