Monday, March 28, 2011

Quite the Contrast

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And this is today's reality. It's quite different, wouldn't you agree?!
Enough is enough is what comes to my mind! For those of you living in or near Nebraska perhaps you join in this view? Don't get me wrong, I enjoy snow, early in the season. There's something lovely about watching a soft snowfall in front of a wood stove, good book in hand, cup of coffee nearby, quilts, and a dog on my lap. That's way past now. I'm ready for sun, warmth and green grass. Oh for the smell of freshly mowed grass...

I do find it interesting that our moods and outlooks are deeply tied in with the weather and what is happening outside our windows. It seems that when it's sunny, we are too; we feel more motivated to be outside, enjoying various activities, in lieu of staying in and keeping warm and dry.

No doubt staying inside is right where I need to be for the present. I have outside activities every night this week, which means that I need to maximize my indoor day time. I haven't posted for awhile but I will get back into the swing of it! Thanks to all of you who inquired about my absence (I actually didn't know I had so many readers! Ya'all know how to make me smile!

As always I have a ton of posts saved up in my head. The trick of late is finding the time to get them outta there. I read in a book that writers call this collecting. It's fair to say that I am in the "collection phase" right now. I'm gathering piles of information, data, observation and abundant recognition. What I recognize today is that white is one of my least favorite colors, especially when it is on the ground.

I'm thinking it's time to get our "spring" on. What say you?!

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