Monday, March 28, 2011

Life's Just a Little Busy Right Now!

Sorry for the delay in blog posts. I have a different phone and blogger isn't uploading my pictures. In addition time is a precious commodity. We were gone last week and I have an activity every night this week. Uggg. I love being busy, I love my life and I enjoy doing what I do every day but wow.....I'm in serious need of some down time!

I loved this picture and wanted to share it with you, my wonderful blog readers. It reminds me of summer and all the joys that come along with sunshine and warm weather. I also love the grass! This abundance of winter, cold and snow is fostering a deep appreciation for all things green.

When we were in San Diego last week both boys noticed green grass as we were walking along. We toured Petco Park and salivated over the gorgeous green covering. We were all in agreement.....we want some too!

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