Monday, March 14, 2011

My Kid

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Most kids I know play with toys, real toys. For some reason my daughter is not like other kids; her current favorite toys are the lures in an old tackle box.

She started asking pestering her dad about digging the old, seldom used tackle box out of the tack room. As usual BS was relentless. Her efforts paid off and after a day of picking up corn from the field, Chad caved and got the dirty old thing out for her.

What a thrill, what treasures! She's in love with the yellow (sticky,smelly) worms and is at the height of her joy at finding several different frogs and small fish. She's removed the nasty hooks so she can play with all her friends. They've each been given lovely names, like "Fishy" and "Wormy" and "Froggy".

I'm not complaining, it's keeping her busy while I tend to some long overdue computer tasks. I just find it incredibly humorous that her most favorite play things aren't really considered "toys".

I can't imagine where she gets her quirky cre8tivity from. I should record the conversation, it's quite enlightening to say the least!

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