Thursday, March 10, 2011

Here Birdie, Birdie

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I am “into” birds right now ---big time! It started with finding an old bird cage on a treasure hunt in January. I put it in the master bathroom. I am currently searching for old bird watching books to use for a wall paper design. When I spied this adorable bird print last weekend the light bulb went off! The whisper of blue and bright orange border stuck with me and I brought this home yesterday. (It was more than I wanted to pay but I am a bargain hunter and anything over $10 is usually too much!)

It’s no secret that I love old things. And as many collectors know, it is easy to bring in a lot of old things, sometimes too easy! I am very careful in what I purchase. I have limited wall space so I tend to avoid any more prints or pictures unless I am willing to part with an existing one. I tend to contemplate, visualize and then purchase. I didn’t buy this print the day I saw it. I waited for four days. This is a gamble, I know, because many times I’ve lost out when I’ve waited and kicked myself later. I avoid impulse buying this way but sometimes it comes with regrets. It kept “calling” to me though and after much contemplation, I decided I’d part with my dollars and bring home the birds!

I will be repainting and redecorating the bathroom in Amhearst Gray. I thought this print would really look amazing on the charcoal wall but I’m undecided right now because the orange border looks outstanding in the Frank Blue guest bathroom! The birds and soft colors are the perfect “pick me up” and reminder that spring is on her way. We’ll approach 50 degrees today; we’re ready for it too.

The name of the print is The Bird Perch by H. Giacomelli. There is a tag on the back, lovingly, neatly taped that says French Illustrator—Color Plate and it is signed in the bottom left corner by the artist. I’ll have to do a little Google searching one of these days to find out more. I love that someone took the time to add that information to the back. I especially LOVE that it was typed, the old fashioned way, pre-computer keyboard. The print has been well taken care of, so perhaps it was worth the price?! I don’t know much about French painters but I do know that I LOVE these little birdies decorating my house!

What’s your favorite old time piece? What décor scheme is catching your eye this spring?

*and yes.....I did change the blog template guessed it....a BIRD design! I may have found my mojo again!

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