Monday, March 14, 2011

The Skinny On a Pellet Stove

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I’m happy to report that my spring cleaning efforts were wrapped up yesterday afternoon. It’s a good feeling to look around my home and see that order has been somewhat restored. Given that five people and a dog occupy the space poses no simple feat for keeping the floors clean and debris free. The cupboards, drawers and fridge have been organized and amazingly….we can find things MUCH easier. The challenge is always to keep it up! My weekend was spent with a paint brush, transforming the master bath. I choose a charcoal grey color and am really amazed with the results. Can a bathroom look professional? I think mine does now. Not that I’ll be holding any important meetings in there but the color is certainly more sophisticated and delightful. I got a compliment from the man I share the space with so I think that’s a good sign.

I’m far behind in my postings but I wanted to share a bit more information about the wood stove. In today’s energy conscious society with the prices of heating homes on the rise, we were happily surprised when we did the “books” for our home operation costs. So far it’s cost about $350 from October to present to heat our entire basement. This includes our family room, craft room, bathroom and boys’ bedrooms. This is the only source of heat we have in the basement.

It’s heated the upper half as well so we’ve run our furnace a fraction of what we did prior to putting the stove. Our cost for propane this winter has been about $200.

The pellet stove we have burns both corn and wood. We experimented with corn first. It burns hot and isn’t clean at all. About every couple of days we had to clean out the stove. We found that wood pellets were slightly higher in cost but make up for it in efficiency and labor. There is hardly any ash with wood pellets so clean up is minimal.

In addition to cost savings, we’ve moved away from petroleum based to a renewable heat source. And unlike turning on a furnace and keeping it on, this stove regulates itself. A remote sensor will turn it off when it reaches the desired heat and start it up when it’s too cold. As a result, most of us prefer being downstairs. It’s definitely the warmest place for my usually chilly body and one of the coolest on a sweltering day.

If you are thinking about changing your heat source or looking for ways to save on heating costs, I encourage you to look into one of these stoves. If we could drive wood burning cars rights now, we’d be set.

Those of you interested in the type and cost of stove can message me. Chad has the dealer’s number and possibly a website for further information. I’m hoping our days of needing heat are going to be fewer and fewer. I think we all agree, tt’s time for spring, isn’t it?!

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