Monday, March 7, 2011

It's what?

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Good news: I'm finally able to get into blogger on my computer. It was a little glitch that stumped me, but was a "cake walk" for my computer guy, Jeff!

Bad news: We are once again in the midst of a snowfall. I wouldn't call this a storm but the snow is piling up on the deck and the ground is getting harder to see. I'm so not in the mood for snow. I am ready for sunshine, clear skies and WARMTH! It is high time to be about the business of reclaiming my home, clearing and cleaning drawers and cupboards, opening windows and welcoming spring. Where the bleep is it?!?!?!? Not in Nebraska, that I can say.

I've got several topics I'll be sharing about; a cool photo gift, vintage honey dispensers and purses and a songwriting project. I know, I know, pretty riveting in the wake of rising gas and food prices. If nothing else perhaps the CC blog can be a welcome, joyful distraction. I'll be sharing more frequently so check back often.

It's nice to have a full keyboard and a head full of ideas. Now, to find the time to do all that I want to do!

Wishing you warm thoughts~

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