Monday, July 2, 2012

Wave Runners

Life's twists and turns always amaze me. Sometimes I have to just sit back and smile at the brilliant orchestration that happens in my life.

For example, I grew up near the Niobrara River. My childhood was spent splashing in those waters. We visited it year round; summer was my favorite because I could cool off but fall ran a very close second with the gorgeous display of leaves shifting colors. As I got older, I visited the river less frequently though I would return in the summers as much as I could. I would always leave determined to buy my own kayak and continue to the adventure closer to home, though this never "stuck". I'd get busy and forget about it.

I love the water and sun, (thus my "silly dolphin tattoo"). And though I'd often thought of having a kayak and hitting the waves, it never really seemed to pan out. This spring Chad forwarded me an email from Menards. I thought it was something to do with our on-going (enternal) home improvement but this was not the case. They were selling kayaks. I bought two. I didn't hesitate nor did I stop to consider if this was a good purchase! There were there, the opportunity arose and I took it. I really had no idea how we'd transport them or where we'd go, let alone how many times we'd actually use them. Rodeos and kayaks typically don't go together.  Now mind you, my boys have never been in kayaks and so they had no idea what treat they were in for! One evening on the little Wellfleet lake, and they were hooked. So hooked in fact, I didn't get much time on the water.

This past week, Chad noticed that Alco had kayaks on sale. I bought one of the remaining two left. We spent Saturday evening and the majority of Sunday on the water~it was glorious! Pake prefers to use his to fish but Parker and I head for the wakes of nearby boats. There's something deeply freeing about being so near the water and feeling your own muscles being the reason why the vessel is moving forward. (Yes, I'm feeling it today and yes, it WILL improve my golf swing, I'm sure of least that is what I am telling myself today!)

Why would this simple activity bring up that smile I mentioned eariler.....because truly, I wasn't looking for this. I didn't expect, didn't plan on it and certainly didn't try to "make it happen."

Some events and situations in my life are intentional. Some things I identify, focus on and work toward. I set the intention, gather information, collect my resources, visualize the end result and take daily, consious steps to make it happen.

Other events seem to arise, triggered from an unconsious aspect, deep within my body and being. I have wanted a kayak for a long, long time. I didn't figure I'd have the energy, time or even equipment to make that a possibility. Sure it was something I dreamed up but at the time I was dreaming I was driving a VW Beetle!
I never gave up on having a kayak and being able to ride the waves, it just wasn't something I put a lot of effort or time into manifesting.

Apparently though it was meant to be and it was on the energetic backburner until all the dynamics were in supportive for this vision to become reality.  Cool enough, I'll take it! It just makes me smile because I have to wonder what else is "cooking". I kind of like the excitement and wonder involved in the observation.

Hopefully there's a trip to Ireland somewhere waiting to come out.....

In the meantime, we have a birthday to celebrate and Independence Day to ring in. I have a feeling we'll be doing this with the water element. Time to ride the waves......Happy JULY!

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