Thursday, July 12, 2012

I feel like......Johnny Appleseed

This summer has been a "bust" in terms of my garden. The only thing still growing are the tanks of potatoes, onions, peppers and tomatoes. The beans were lost with the early June weeds and last week something got out and snacked on the nice stand of sweet corn we had. I'm very sad about the corn, we had some really cool varieties planted and we all LOVE fresh corn out of the patch. In addition I was hoping for enough to freeze because we are running very low. By August we'll be out. I haven't bought sweet corn in 8+ years. I am now looking for some to buy.

*What did go right was something so totally unexpected that I nearly fainted when I realized it wasn't a weed! As sort of a lasy/smart @** act, I carelessly threw zinnia seeds into the green pots at the foot of our deck steps. (That's Marley at the top, saying "hello"!) My mom lovingly sends us seeds in the spring. I usually plant them in the garden but for some reason they've never taken off (not enough water, too many weeds, combination of who knows what?) Knowing that I wasn't going to shell out $50 for my favorite bright red geraniums, that I tried desperately to keep alive through the winter months, I thought I'd just look at empty planters. At least they wouldn't need to be watered... Remembering the pack of Mama's seeds, I thought, "What the heck! We'll throw some in these pots and see what happens." I forgot all about it, it's been a busy summer.

A few weeks ago I went to pull out weeds from them (don't ask my, it was purely an unconscious, programmed act) and realized they were not weeds, they looked like....F L O W E R S! Great Gasp! And then I forgot what kind they were?!?! Last week, Pryce was very excited to inform me that they had buds on them and sure enough, this week, they are blooming. It is one of those nice surprises that really makes me smile (especially after the roping steers, calves, or deer helped themselves to our corn).

This morning as I walked out to feed the goats and chickens, I had a fleeting and comical vision of myself as Johnny Appleseed, only with Zinnias, which are more colorful, easier and faster to grow. If they took any more time or effort, I'm quite sure they wouldn't be growing here.

Here's to finding a few, sweet, simple surprises this week!

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