Friday, July 20, 2012

Something New

I'm in the second week of Sarah Ahearn Bellamare's Pages and Paint class and am learning so much about myself as an artist and a person. I'm joined my many crafty, talented women from all walks of life, nationally and internationally. It's so FUN to see how "art" comes through one's being, easily, effortlessly and joyously. I am loving the way everyone's style is unique and different and yet all tied through the common bond of creating! Two other common threads that the majority of us share are 1. not enough time and 2. fear of failure.

I may be talking about both of these in future blog posts. I've certainly battled such "mind blocks" myself. Time is something we all want/need more of it. The world does seem to be moving at an accelerated clip for sure. The pace has forced me to prioritize and get focused (some days are easier than others). I DO make time for art/creating EVERY DAY. I could almost call this an addiction but hey, I brush my teeth every day and I don't consider THAT an addiction! Even if I only have 10 or 15 minute blocks here and there, I do something creative, something that moves the ideas within my being to the outside world, even if I'm the only one that ever sees them!

Pictured above is something new that I've learned. I jumped the gun a little in preparation for a coming assignment but it was SO COOl to create that I wanted to share it! This is an image transfer and it will be used in my sketchbooks and paintings. I'm super excited that it turned out too, only a few FLOPS before I got it right. I'm sort of "that kind of learner" usually the first attempts are disasterous and then I get better as I roll along. I have all kinds of ideas for how I'll be using these and some of you lucky readers/friends may very well end up with these in the form of x-mas cards and gifts..oh yeah baby!!!!

Fear of not being good enough is also something many of us are working through right now. It is definitely intimidating to see such amazing, artistic work coming through this group. I'll confess, I had pangs of doubt and fell back into the "comparision trap" but I didn't stay there long. These ladies are also on a journey, they are just not on MY journey. I'm taking this class so that I can have the understanding, support, guidance and inspiration to dive more deeply into my creative rhythms. I'm not doing this as a career I'm doing simply because it is FUN and it FEELS REALLY GOOD to be working with my eyes, hands, heart, colors and creative rhythms.

I don't fully yet know who I am as an artist. I am observing some particular "styles" colors and image that really seem to be prevalent. Did you notice I have a thing for dirt roads and trees? Yeah, me too! <3

What is it that you make time for each day? What do you love to do SO much that you DO make time for it, even when there's no time to spare? Please share comments below, on fb or email me ;) I ALWAYS love to hear from you!

Happy Weekend!

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