Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Walking Treasues

I am slowly re-establishing my walking routine in the mornings. Though I had set intetions of getting up early in the morning, when it is cooler to walk I haven't been as diligent as I wanted to be. I select sleep in lieu of fresh morning air because the previous night's ball game has completely worn me out (and all I'm doing is sitting there watching...sad, I know!)

I LOVE to walk down my road. The exercise factor is great but I'm not really into an intense work out or getting a sweat on. It wouldn't hurt my physical appearance in anyway, but the benefits I seek are peace, clarity and serenity.

When I walk I focus on the present moment, the birds songs, the crunch of rocks beneath my shoes, the breeze (or some days the blast of wind). I consicously release whatever is bothering/bugging me when I'm out in the wind. I open wide, take a deep breathe and visualize it all being blown away from my body, mind, heart, head and soul. Release, release, release. Seemingly without a hitch, my mind shifts, shoulders ease and I take a deeper breath.

Here is where I do most of my processing. Thoughts come through not as a bombardment or with the sledgehammer of "have to's out to's, should's, they flow, gently, easily and effortlessly. Some of my greatest ideas arise from these walks. Solutions pop into my brain and make sense here. I plan lessons, classes, and my daily schedule on such walks.  And I see the world with brand new eyes and appreciation. I see the seasons being born, come alive and then slowly die into the next cycle.

Today as I looked down I noticed a little branch that blew out of the tree. By no means was it earth shattering or in any way special but something about it lying there on the gravel made me pause and smile. I love that all the leaves were hanging out together. I had the instant inspiration to take a instax pic of it and put it in my sketch journal. I'll be placing the picture in my journal, sketch it and then creating a painting. (I feel the subtle hint of fall, still far off on the horizon but knowing always that it is coming.) I have colors, images and phrases now zipping in and out of my brain. I do believe that it is time to hang out in my cre8tive space very soon to see what is ready to come through!  This is part of the collection phase of an on-line class I'm in the process of cre8ting. Like anything I have to experince the process before I feel confident to share with others.

So what image, thought, idea, song or little something has inspired you today? And if the answer is nothing.....consider shifting your focus? Sometimes the tiniest of treasures, seemingly insignificant little pieces of daily life can open our hearts, eyes and spirits to see the truth of how much goodness we are surrounded by.


  1. well, I have to say the image of you, me and Lindsey sharing a bottle of Pokerface is inspiring me today! :D <3 you!

  2. Excellent!!! :) let's make that happen soon! that IS an inspiring and delicious thought isn't it?!?!?!