Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Reading

Im always reading something and alwaya on the lookout for a great read! A quick scan of any space I dwell with reveals that I am in it by the books and magazines strewn about. Whatever I'm "into" is revealed by at least three or four titles on the subject. (Amazon loves me!)

Books find their way to me. I buy both kindle and print versions. I received a kindle fire for Christmas and I'm almost certain it was a ploy to stop the continual Amazon arrivals. But it didnt work. The books still come to me.  It's an addiction I happily claim.  I feel that i am not alone either, most of my closest friends are book nerds too!

The genres are based on my mood and the subjects I study. Right now art journal, drawing and painting books litter my dining room table. I adore decorating themes with vintage, eclectic, DIY ideas. I also have bird books (can't explain this one but apparently Grma Ruth's genes are showing up here?!?!?) I have Sherlock Holmes on the kindle (I read this at night, the visuals and sensory images are divine!) I have started in the Hobbit with Parker (a classic that I'm just now in the mood for, again can't explain it, just going with it)

Im not above reading Larten Crepsly Saga, though I have yet to read the Twilight series.  Id like to get into the Hunger Games and 50 Shades of Grey, which reminds me.......I got busy and never finished 11/22/63!

So many little time. Sort of makes me wonder how I'll ever find tje time to write one of my own?!?!


  1. I am almost never without a book or two or three! I'm thinking of investing in a kindle fire. Would you recommend one?

  2. I would Deb!!! Love, love, love mine! I have to hide it from my kids! It is so handy. We have a mifi and so we take that along and have internet access too. I have magazine subscriptions on there and so yes, I highly recommend it. I still like to have the pages to touch and some of the art journal books are just better with hard copy but novels are fantastic on the fire!!!

    I load a book bag with my journals, pencils, watercolors, instax camera, and all my other goodies. I know the kindle was meant to alleviate that but it didn't quite work. oh well, I load it too!

    1. Thanks! Sounds awesome! I always carry a book bag with the "necessary" items, too!