Thursday, June 7, 2012

Something You've Always Wanted To Try

In the busy hustle and bustle of our every day life, little things that we are interested in exploring something go by the wayside. Personally I'm good with pushing something aside in lieu of something else that needs to be done. This may be why I haven't scrapbooked since 2009? Laundry, dishes, cooking and housekeeping take priority. In my reality I do put work before play. That is something I'm looking at consicously and consistently changing this month.

As mentioned previously, I feel the need to have a clean environment BEFORE I start on a project. I think better and am more open to creative ideas. The challenge is knowing when I can safefly and loving walk away. The dishes will pile up, the laundry will multiply, the floors wil get dirty. How long can I actually be away before I'll be starting over?

Maintence and consisteny is key here too. I'm slowly trying to help my children get into the habit of not only taking their plate to the sink but rinsing it out, and then putting in the dishwasher.

So this month, as I am releasing clutter and finding my way back to me. I have several self improvement intentions. One being taking the time to honor my creative aspirations.

I've found this book and have signed up for Sarah's on-line class. This is my birthday gift. The materials were on the pricey side, which is great. If I pay the money, you can bet I'm going to full on, full out participate.

I'm excited to begin. I'm excited to see what I have stored "under the hood". I have found I'm an awesome collector/gatherer and organizer but no so muh and eager "do-er". That's about to change.

I'd like to invite any of you along for the ride as well. I belive there is power within the collectve so if you'd like to message me or add comments below to what your personal goals, intentions and manifestations hopes are, feel free. Mabye you are going to take up mountain biking or rock climbing. knitting or canning, photography, song writing or putting a puzzle together?!?!? What do you suppose our world would look, feel and be like if we were all doing exactly what we want to be doing, what we most love?

I believe it is possible. Collect, gather and then Let's do this!!!!

PS I didn't want to include another blog post about my endless cleaning obsessions so I'm focusing on the fun stuff!

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