Friday, June 8, 2012

Freezer Quit...go back 20 spaces

If my life were a game this week, I don't think I'd be leading the pack!  I woke up to a new Monday, fresh and ready to start the week. I spent most of the day tidying up and prepping meals and doing laundry. I moved with ease, say five spaces ahead. I completed cleaning and clearing the top part of the house, rearranged book shelves and created space for my Art Journal Books and supplies. (Move ahead 10 spaces, that job has needed to be done for a long time!)

I woke up Tuesday ready to cross another task off my to-do list. However the task was much larger than I anticipated. Instead of just a few mice inhabiting in our camper for the winter, what I discovered was that we had an entire universe in there. It was THE MOST DISGUSTING site I have ever witnessed. There was more poop in there than in any grain bin I had ever seen. Honestly, it made me cry.  (Clean "mouse disaster" in camper loose a turn=an entire day.)

As I got to the worst part of the camper,  I opened the cupboard and a tiny rodent was peering at me. Yikes! (Go back three spaces, he was little). I continued on my route, cursing the entire way. My family steered clear of me, they could tell I was not a "team player" at this time.

As I stepped on the last step of the  camper, I nearly landed in the calving lot when I noticed a very LONG snake stretched out near the garbage bag. (Go back 5 spaces, big scare!) I gingerly sidestepped him, noticing the tail. Phew, no rattles. (Move ahead 2 spaces) That said, he wouldn't go away, he was hunting what I was trying to get rid of. I thought he was safely tucked in the gargabe bag, he'd crawled in of his own accord, so I went to work on the bike trailer that the mice had also snacked on. Realizing that I'd ripped my gloves I went to the house to get another pair and as I came zipping by the bike stroller I noticed an extra black and yellow "strap" that was moving. Holy Crap! (Go back 7 paces, this scared me more that the first time!) Knowing that "snakey" was wrapped up in the stroller I ventured back in the camper to clean as I was about to step down I saw him moving below me. Craaaaap!  This phase of the game concluded with the snake not bothering my anymore (THANKS JOE!) (Jump ahead 10 spaces!)

Wednesday: I woke up with a rotten cold and a raw throat. I can handle a lot of things but a sore throat is my achilles heel. Hate those. I mustered through the day, secretly wanting to go back to bed but not making it there until that late that night. (Move back 10 spaces)

Thursday: My throat was a little better but still very achy and sore. (Take time out to recouperate, consider the fact that sometimes this game just sucks!).

Friday: I woke up, a bit groggy but thinking that I'm going to get things done today. I feel a little better, still some drainage and lethargy but throats isn't as sore. I thought I'd make a nice cup of coffee and sit out on the deck to ponder my day. (Move ahead 4 spaces).  I ask edChad to bring in a package of hamburger from our freezer in the barn. He doesn't come back for a long time. I wonder what he's doing? What we didn't know was that the freezer quit working (Move back 20 spaces and consider just ditching this blankety-blank game.) Unhook and drag hoses to wash out the stupid freezer (Go back 5 more spaces)

We did catch the mess in time to salvage our meat, the freezer still had ice in it. (Lucky break move ahead 25 spaces). (Note to self, work on attitude!)

Since I'm not a math person I haven't stopped to figure out if I'm ahead in the game, if I've broke even or if I'm in the hole. There have been some distinct set backs this week but most of them have ended on a high note. The camper is being disinfected and professionally cleaned today. We didn't loose any meat and I am feeling much better than I was. I am hoping that if I draw the "wild card" soon, that it will at least be a GOOD ONE, something like...boundless energy or instant basement clean-up or Russell Crow pays a know, something completely realistic like that ;)

Here's wishing you all good luck in the "game" you are playing right now!

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