Monday, February 27, 2012

This week's word: Expression!

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This week’s word: Expression~

Greetings friends, instead of posting the word of the week last night, I was actually in material collection mode. Pictured above are the items I’ll be using in the next days, weeks and months. Here’s the scoop: I’m now into Art Journals!

In the past, I’ve loved scrapbooking. It was a wonderful outlet for my cre8tive vibes and then…in the time crunch, I’ve gotten away from it. I now have the space that I’ve always dreamed of but I seem to spend more time out of the craft room than I do in it! Kids, sports, home care, domestic requirements and education have taken their scoop of my creative time.

If you’ve been reading my posts, then you know one of my 2012 intentions was to take more time for me and this has resulted in s l o w i n g down long enough to allow cre8tive inspiration to find me, where it can, where it will. It arrived over the weekend, at a basketball game. A noise gym is an unlikely place, most would surmise, yet in the solace of a warm car, I began to dream and search…(thanks to a wifi and Kindle, I’m uber-mobile.. (not sure if that is actually a word). The idea is that I have a NEED for creative outlets and since I’m often gone from home, on the go, I realized that I need portable devices and creative outlets that can travel at a few moment’s notice (i.e. “Robyn, can you……insert Chad’s lovely surprise suggestions for how to spend my day!)

It don’t really know how to explain the process other than to say “art journals” found me and it didn’t take long for the idea to “stick”. I do not fancy myself as an artist nor can I draw, sketch or paint. However, I do love the idea of keeping a daily journal and making it a little prettier than just words on paper. I’ve been an avid journal writer for years and yet, something has been missing. I am known to keep stubs of movie tickets, baseball games and other bits and pieces. I have the best intentions of putting these in a scrapbook and yet, time is usually not a commodity that I have in excess, at least not right now. I love to loose myself in an afternoon “scrap fest” but right now that’s not an option. The idea of journal/scrapping as I go DOES resonate! Instead of a formal scrapbook page, I'll be plopping in pictures, notes, receipts, comments, quotes, bird feathers....(I LOVE picking up feathers) and adding them to random thoughts and pages. Seems like a great match for all that I am experiencing in my life right now. If I wait to have a "sit down in my studio" I'll likely have already forgotten the cool, daily treats that I am receiving. Scrapping on the go, writing and recording, 'tis a "poifect fit" for Miss Robyn's adventures this year! I'll then be able to use the inspiration if I want to go back and create "official pages".

I’ve gathered a few portable supplies and I’ll be packing these along to ball games, rodeos and road trips of all kinds. I love the idea of tuning and recording often. Now this may not trip your trigger in anyway and I completely respect that so…..this week I’m opening the floor to sharing what YOUR favorite form of cre8tive EXPRESSION is? What is it that you do daily that brings you peace, joy, inspiration, motivation, delight and back to your amazing soul? Is it writing a song? Dreaming of a vacation? Implementing a project? Taking great photos? What is a simple, inspiring practice that you’ve found you can do anywhere you go?

I’ll look forward to hearing all about it!


  1. Good day Robyn thank you for sahring your favorite creative things that bring you joy. I am honored to be in contact with your great spirit. One of my favorte creative expressions I enjoy doing, is meditating. I can do this anywhear any time. I can meditate in my car at a stop light. I can meditate in the hotel when on vacation, indoors, or outdoors. Lately the best time and place for me to meditate is in my living room for 10 min. every morning upon rising. It keeps my calm, confident, and aware.

    Anoter asspect that gets my creative juices flowing is surching the internet for any information in regards to Montessori training. It is because of my smart phone and lap top that allows me to internet surf anytime any wheare.

    One thing I loved doing in my journal to make it look more elaborate was to take Louise Hay daily clander quotes and tape them to the top of my page. I havent done this in a while an would like to get back to that habbit. Thank you from listing Blessing to you in everything you do. :)

  2. Awesome idea!!!! Love, love, love Louise L. Hay's calendar and quotes! This is a terrific, cre8tive idea....I don't have a current calendar but now I know why I saved the old pages from 2009!

    Thanks for your sweet comment! Always fun to know the blog message is being read/read received! Thanks for taking the time to share! This will pop up as anonymous because I didn't sign in....checked from my phone! Had enough computer time today! Hugs, RJ

  3. Wow! It actually worked this time! Amazing what happens when I stop caring about "perfection" and just go with it!