Sunday, February 19, 2012

This week's word: Ailments :(

This week’s word of the week: Ailments:

In our fast paced world, listening can be hard to do, especially when the outside world is so very loud! I crave silence and solace. I often have to fight for it by eeking time out of my day to take a walk on the road or to sit on the hillside and watch the sun go down (I appreciate a gorgeous sunrise, but I prefer to sleep until the sun wakes me…still working on that goal!)

I know my inner voice is strong, when I let it be. It speaks to me softly so I will purposely listen. If it was as loud as everything else in my life, it probably knows I’d ignore it. My children know all too well, the louder they are and the more they fight, the more liable I am to walk away. If you want my attention, I’ll need respect, attention and softness.

So how am I with listening to myself? I do pretty well for the most part. I believe in intuition and I know how to tune in. Listening then is quite different than following through. Following through means I actually act on what I hear; and this week I didn’t do that well.

I started feeling “lung issues” on Wednesday. I could feel that tickle deep within my body and knew that “sleep” was needed. I’m famous (sadly) for pushing through my reserves and driving hard. Responsibilities galore pile up and I tend to ignore my body's basic needs in lieu of a clock and the false belief that there isn’t enough time……

So this “crud” had been creeping up on me for a while and I ignored it along with my body’s request for sleep and nourishment. Long story short, we left the basketball tournament last night at 8:30. I was in pretty rough shape with fever, chills, hacking cough, headache, body ache and feeling as worn out as could be. I’d done several rounds of reiki, quantum touch and even ho’oponopono. I could feel a shift and I knew I’d live, I just needed deep rest. After a warm bath (we don’t have a big enough water heater and two very sweaty boys needed the water pretty badly!) I collapsed into bed.

I slept on and off until 1 pm today. I haven’t done that in…well, longer than I can recall. I did not do anything today. I sat. I watched the wind blow against the grass. I looked at my messy house and I sat some more. My mind told me to get out of the chair and get to work, my body said, sit. And I listened. This totally goes against my will. I am usually doing something but not today.

This evening I find that my cough has subsided. I’m still on the tired side but I won’t require anything more than sleep. I’ve nourished myself with several rounds of blue violet and chickweed tea, hot bath with espsom salts and baking soda, essential oils, Vic’s vapor rub and soup. It’s not fun to be under the weather but something tells me had I listened before, I quite possibly could’ve alleviated this ailment. And then again, maybe this aliment was what I needed to remind me of the importance of listening, resting and taking care of my body. Either way, I got the message loud and clear! I'm off to enjoy one more round of herbal tea and then another deep, rest. Tomorrow I should be back on track.

What lessons have your “ailments” taught you?


  1. Yesterday I needed rest, and rather than telling me to relax, my good husband sat on the couch with me and we both napped for a few hours. He knows me--if he had told me, the words would have gone in one ear and out the other. I'm sure I'll never listen to him all the time, but I will sometimes.
    By the way, I like the way you open yourself for constructive criticism with the feedback button.

  2. Be well, cowgirl...SwANSoul

  3. I was in the same boat this Sunday I woke up ready to meditate, workout, clean my house, then sit down for a day of studdies. As soon as I woke I needed to go to Applebee's to pck my phone up that I had left thier the night before. I closed that evening and didn't get home till 1:50 am. Donovan offerded to go with me. He said he wanted to get a coffee while we were out. I said ok then about half way to Applebee's he wanted to go to Manards I said I hadn't had breakfast yet. So I would love to go home and eat then run earrends. Well he said where do you want to eat?, I don't see the pont of going back home when were already out. I said I didn't plan on spendin any money going out to eat, that I would like to go home and eat .breakfast.Or running arrands Long story short We went to the drive threw of Starbucks I ordered me a spinach wrap. We got to the window to pay and he said you got this and i said ok. He had the opportnity to by coffee and didn't. Then we went to Manards picked out colors for the office we will be painting soon. I was totaly grundged out all I did was put my hair in a ponytail and bursh my teeth. I did't even have a bra on. Needless to say I felt uncomfortable. But I decided to let the discomfort go and we picked out some great colors. My lesson is to be clear on what will happen next. I perfer to run earrands looking good not like I just rolled out of bed with miss matchd cloths on. Oh yeah we get home and I shared with him my plans for the day. I said I need to take 10 minutes to meditated, eat, workout, then clean house. I was clear on what I wanted to do in order to keep life happy. He then said that he was gong for coffee and would come back and help tidy up. This made for a better afternoon. I think this made me a little tired bucause after meditating and cleaning house all I wanted to do was shower and relax. I did and as I sat down to study I feel asleep. I slept most of Sunday. But I learnd to be clear. I will continue to be clear when I speak. That is my lesson is be clear with my intentions.

  4. Hi Friends! Thanks for the great comments! I want to tell you how much I enjoy the your feedback! Ya'all rock and me we all be well~ Sending hugs to you all! xoxoxo~